Meet Daniel



My name is Daniel Ortiz and I am a Brooklyn born Artist of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. I expressed interest in the arts as early as age five and began exploring my artistic abilities then. by drawing inspiration from my life experiences and visual influences surrounding me, I have really been able to hone in on a style of art that truly represents me as a gay Latino.

Although it has not been an easy road of acceptance, I have managed to actively pursue an art career and I am excited to introduce "Art by Dan" my very first own online shop and brand.

The human body has and always will be the inspiration behind all of my work. As an Artist I love capturing all the emotions the body is able to evoke. I am always seeking new and exciting ways to incorporate different elements to my body of work.


In 2017, I fell in love with oil paints and since then oil painting has allowed me to depict and interpret all those human emotions in a way that I desire. Through my work I hope to impact and inspire individuals who may feel like they are not good enough or that they don't belong. especially members of the L.g.b.t.q.I.a.+ community.